Wheel alignment is necessary after sometime depending on the use of the car and the terrain you have been driving it in. That being said here are some of the signs that indicate that you might need a wheel alignment for your car.

  • If your tires are worn out unevenly
  • If the car pulls to the left or right
  • If the steering wheel is not straight when you are driving straight
  • If your tires squeal as you drive

Our wheel alignment service

We use state of the art technology to determine whether your car wheels require alignment or not. More often than not the wheels will require alignment if you have the above signs and if you have been driving the car for more than six months. Our technology is fast and gives a detailed report of the situation of your car wheels. After that we will walk you through the diagnosis report to ensure that you understand the situation of your car and the kind of alignment it requires.

What our alignment check involves

Our check is done professionally and will provide you with a detailed report of the findings. The report gives all the necessary measurements; toe, camber and caster. We also inspect the steering and the suspension of your car. This is because it is possible for these two factors to increase the wheel alignment problems of your car. Tires and other parts of your vehicle will also be inspected all for free to ensure that we give you the most comprehensive service you can think of.

Benefits for wheel alignment

Here are some of the benefits you expect to reap from our wheel alignment services.

  • Optimal driving experience – when the wheels are in line, you can go back to having a pleasant driving experience. Just like your car is new.
  • Saves fuel – yes. When your wheels are properly aligned your car will not require so much energy to move and hence will not consume so much fuel.
  • Tires last long – since the tires are well directed and pointed in the right direction there is no unnecessary and uneven wear on the tires.
  • Safety – when the wheels are well aligned then the car has really good handling and therefore becomes safe for you to ride in.

To help keep your car aligned for long maintain the correct air pressure in the tires and driving the car conservatively. If you need your car to be checked and aligned properly then you can rely on Sunrise Auto for all your wheel alignment assessments and services.