The battery is an important feature of your car because it powers the different features of your car and helps the car to start. It is therefore imperative that your battery be in superb working conditions. Over time the batteries get old and will need to be replaced for new ones.

Here are signs you need your battery checked

  • Leaking battery – a leaking battery is disastrous because it contains acids that will corrode the battery itself and the area around it. When the connections are corroded your car may not start properly.
  • Engine cranks slowly –if the engine starts sluggishly it could be because of the failure of the battery to power it up properly.
  • Old age – as the battery gets old that is after three years of use, it becomes less effective. After this time the battery can fail anytime and therefore needs to be replaced whenever you see signs of trouble.
  • Bloating battery case – if you see signs of swelling on your battery case then it should be replaced immediately.
  • Engine light – if your battery light or check engine light is on, it could mean that your battery needs changing.

Our battery diagnosis service

If you suspect that you battery is giving you trouble, we can diagnose the problem for you. With our state of the art equipment battery diagnostic machines, we can be able to give you a detailed report on your battery. We also check the start and charging systems to ensure that your car will not only start properly but also charge the battery as required. You can therefore enjoy the peace of mind that your car will always start anytime.

To ensure that the system works properly we clean the battery terminals and the connecting cables to get rid of any corrosion at the connections points. We also check the alternator and the belts for wear and tear. If there is any service needed on those it is done. This is to ensure that the battery gets a full charge and hence you have power on your car whenever you need it.

Our products

At Sunrise Auto, we only use the best products in the market. We use the DieHard batteries which are the most trusted, be it for your truck or your car. Also if you need to recycle your old batteries, we are the people to go to. Our products can perform well regardless of the weather or the power needs of your vehicle.