Every car owner knows that oil change is the most important service for your car. It is important because the oil plays a major role in the operation of the car engine. The oil reduces wear of the moving parts of the engine, cools the engine, cleans the moving parts and reduces corrosion. All these are functions that ensure that your engine operates optimally and efficiently. Having the oil changed is therefore a really important practice for your car.

How often should you really change the oil?

There have been advancements in the engines and in the oil that is used in engines over time. This has greatly increased the duration for which the oil can be effective. Traditionally it was known that the oil change should be done every three months or 3000 miles or whichever comes first. Now this duration has really increased to double or more than double that time depending on the oil. For synthetic oils the change can be up to done after 7000 to 10000 miles. There are factors that affect how often the car needs an oil change which most car developers term as normal or severe conditions. There are indicators on your car which should tell you when it is time for an oil change. The user manual of the car also indicates how often you will need the change and it is important to stick to these guidelines.

How to tell you need an oil change

The main way to determine when you need an oil change is by using the car manual. Cars however have become smarter now and are able to tell when your car needs an oil change. The cars can tell accurately from your driving behaviors when your next oil change is due. Here are some other indicators of when you need an oil change:

Increased engine noise – if the engine is making too much noise, it could be because of the increased friction as the parts rub against each other.

Color of the oil – you oil should be transparent and light brown in color. When it has been used up it turns black and loses transparency.

Consistency – feel the oil in between your fingers and feel the consistency. The oil should not have particles in it as these are signs of contaminants and hence the need for a change.

At Sunrise Auto we have different packages to suit your oil change needs. We have various oil options depending on your engine and your driving behaviors. You will get the necessary advice on which oil is right for your car.